UpComing Event at ZOO Atlanta..Wild World Weekend

Kuumba Storytellers Of Georgia will share Stories in the Wild World Weekend Event at Zoo Atlanta. Kuumba Storytellers Christine Arinze, Verna Muthoni, Gwendolyn J. Napier and Kuumba’s Drummer, Brad Mason will embrace the stage on August 5, 2017 and August 6, 2017 in the Africa Plains area of the Zoo from 11am – 12 NOON.

Come Out and Bring the Family to hear some great Cultural Stories of Africa.

We will see you at Zoo Atlanta for Stories to Remember from the ” Zoo”.

Kuumba Youth Tattletales Rising Up –

Congratulations to  ALL KUUMBA STORYTELLERS OF GEORGIA  Youth Tattletales.  They are Rising Up in the Community and sharing Great Stories.

Great News…Youth Tattletale Jeremie Meadows has been chosen as  Youth Featured Storyteller for the National Association of Black Storytellers Festival and Conference in Wichita, Kansas in November 2017.  Kuumba Youth Tattletales..”Our Future Tellers”

Events and Updates for Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia

Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia Celebrated its Annual Mama Tales Storytelling Concert on May 7th with a dedication to Kuumba Storyteller Auntie Ernestine Brown and Its 2nd Annual Papa Tales Storytelling Concert on June 11th to Kuumba Storyteller Akbar Imhotep. Both Concerts were at the Hammonds House Museum in Beautiful West End Community with Wall to Wall Community Friends and Members.

Kuumba Storytellers will Sponsor its 1st Grandparents Tales on September 10th in Athens, Georgia with a Sponsorship with Humana . We are looking forward to our Sponsorship Project together this year. More Details To Come.

PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE WITH Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia, Inc.

Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia Members are Back On The MEDIA SCREEN  Again with Blogging Information.

Time has passed from  the year  2014 up to now  2017.  Kuumba Storytellers Of Georgia have re-grouped in many ways.  We passed on the Torch of New Officers from outgoing President Ernestine Brown and Vice President Gwendolyn J. Napier, and Gloria Elder.  Kuumba applaud our outgoing Officers for their Outstanding Dedicated Services to the Organization.

Our new Officers President  Gwendolyn J. Napier, and Vice President Paul Freeman for 2016-2018 were extended the Torch to keep the Path Lit for Kuumba’s  Journey in Storytelling.

Our Mission has Continued and Our Stories Shared.