Brimstone Spring Workshop & Festival

Deborah Strahorn of Kuumba at Dec. 2013 Workshop
Deborah Strahorn of Kuumba at Dec. 2013 Workshop


Kuumba & USASSCA have been busy on the Brimestone project. Two big events are in the works and upcoming for the spring. One event is another storytelling workshop by Kuumba Storytellers on April 19th, 2014. The location is TBD.

The other event is the May 17 Tell Me a Story Festival at the Clarkston Community Center – Clarkston, GA. Stories collected as part of the Brimestone project will be presented at this festival. Stay tuned for more details on both events as we progress through the project.  – Chetter Galloway


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  1. GREETINGS… My name is Gwendolyn J. Napier and I am a Kuumba Storyteller, I have been working with the organization on the BrimeStone Project. We started out on a journey with a Community of Wonderful Friends, The Clarkston Community and the Sudanese FRIENDS have grown from March 2013 until now April 2014. The art of storytelling is the same all over the world, and it was proven to be true as we heard stories from the children, “their childhood stories” as they remember. Most of the stories that I heard from them, I recall hearing some of the same stories from my MAMA. These stories have been passed down from Generations to Generations. The milestone are coming together. They are telling their own stories, and we are listening…the stories remind me of my childhood days. We have six storytellers working with the project. Our Sudanese friends are so talented and without hesitation will do anything to assist you. I HAVE MET SO MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE ON THE STORYTELLING ROAD either telling, acting, singers, you name it. Most of the instruments and other items were shared by both groups. We have grown together in such a short time.

  2. KUUMBA is up and READY to SHARE workshops for the BrimStone Project. I encourage all to attend. I have been so Excited about the Project and have met so many Wonderful People. I would like to thanks Roberta Malavenda for introducing The BrimStone Project to our Organization. We are so EXCITED about it. To our Clarkston Community and to our New Friends of Sudan..thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Community. We are looking forward to more Stories, Workshops, Friendships, and Delicious Foods that you have been sharing. Many Thanks….from your new Friends…Kuumba Storytellers Of Georgia.

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